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Perfect the tone, style and format of your writing with GG Paragraph Rewriter, the GPT-powered creative writing assistant.

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GG's Rewriting Suite

Discover how GG Paragraph Rewriter takes your writing to the next level.

Tone Adjustment

Enhance your writing's emotional impact with GG Paragraph Rewriter, adept at tailoring your text to be sadder, funnier, inspiring, professional, exciting, passionate, or literary. GG precisely aligns your writing with the intended tone, ensuring your message resonates deeply with readers.

Complexity Modification

Adjust your writing's complexity with GG Paragraph Rewriter to fit your audience, simplifying ideas for easier understanding or adding depth for more advanced readers. Effortlessly shorten for brevity or extend for detailed insights, customizing your content's length as needed.

Formality Adjustment

Seamlessly switch between formal and casual styles to suit the occasion. Whether drafting a business report or a friendly blog post, GG Paragraph Rewriter ensures your writing hits the right note.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Customize your word choice with GG Paragraph Rewriter. Opt for simpler terms for clarity, select advanced or professional vocabulary for expertise, or use academic vocabulary to align with scholarly standards. This feature empowers you to speak directly to your intended audience with the perfect level of sophistication.

And More

We listen to our users for potential improvements and new styles and settings additions. If you have any feedback, please get in touch with us at hey[at]

Meet the Founder & Developer

The mind behind GG Paragraph Rewriter

Mehmet Çetin

With over a decade of experience in app development, I've crafted GG Paragraph Rewriter to revolutionize how we approach writing. Originally developed to enhance my writing, I'm eager for you to try it and share your thoughts – your input is invaluable!